45 Day Journal

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Dr Crystal C Frederick

Crystal Frederick has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, an MBA in Business Administration and Marketing, and an DBA in International Business Finance & Leadership. She is a devout Christian whose life reflects her deep faith. Her family consists of two amazing daughters and her eldest, which is her only son. Her children are equally dynamic as their mother with each of their unique abilities. Crystal is raising change agents to continue the legacy of godliness, hard work, and excellence.

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Welcome to your 45-day journal as you embark on the journey to homeownership guided by the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and God. Over the next 45 days, you’ll explore the practical steps and spiritual principles that will lead you to your dream home. Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect, plan, and take action towards achieving your goal of owning a home. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide as you navigate this transformative journey.