Credit Mastery

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The Ultimate Guide to Repair Your Credit, Boost Your Score, and Achieve Financial Success

Understanding Credit:

Lay the Foundation for Financial Success

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Transform Your Credit Score in 15 Days

Dispute Mastery:

Unlock Secrets to Removing Negative Items Fast

About The Author

Dr Crystal C Frederick

Crystal Frederick has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, an MBA in Business Administration and Marketing, and an DBA in International Business Finance & Leadership. She is a devout Christian whose life reflects her deep faith. Her family consists of two amazing daughters and her eldest, which is her only son. Her children are equally dynamic as their mother with each of their unique abilities. Crystal is raising change agents to continue the legacy of godliness, hard work, and excellence.

Always Empowering, Always Empowered

What Our Readers Are Saying

Crystal Frederick’s credit courses completely changed my perspective. Her approach isn’t just about understanding credit but also about building a healthy financial future. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve improved my credit score and gained invaluable financial literacy skills.


Marketing Coordinator

Crystal Frederick’s credit courses made navigating credit less overwhelming for me. Her teaching style is clear and easy to follow, and she genuinely cares about her students’ success. Thanks to Crystal, I now feel confident in managing my credit and making informed financial decisions


Registered Nurse

Crystal Frederick’s expertise opened my eyes to a world of financial possibilities. Her practical advice and personalized approach helped me repair my credit and plan for a brighter financial future. I’m grateful for the impact she’s had on my financial journey


Software Engineer

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